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GYF TECH. (Shenzhen) CO., LTD is a company that focuses on design, production and marketing of magnetic components, and always adheres to the principle of “Dedicated
Integrity, Speed & Win-win“ and continuous improvements to serve our customers.

GYF TECH.  (HK) CO., LTD was founded in 2007 and is always dedicated to design & sales of magnetic components, and distributing of semi-conductors. Provide good materials and first-rate service for globla EMS, OEM & ODM clients.

GYF gathered senior management elites and engineering technical talents whom came from inductor brand manufacturers of America, Germany and Taiwan. We entirely mastered its application, design optimization & innovation. We're able to provide the customized products and the best solutions for our customers.

Our products are widely used in the fields of automotive electronics, consumer electronics, LAN, IPC, medicine, security, lighting, smart meter, etc. With the guaranty of lead-free, RoHS & REACH certification, reliability verification and strictly implementation of GP, we would be your faithful and green partner.

In order to increase our competitiveness and ensure a good cost advantage, we invested automatic production lines in Shenzhen, and two branches in the mainland,  so as to achieve the principle “Win-win“.

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 Contact: Kevin, Xia                                 Contact: David,Shi
 Mobile: +86-13570890775                    Mobile: +86-18312346128
 E-mail: kevin@gyfsz.com                       E-mail: david@gyfsz.com
 QQ: 360469702                                      QQ: 664147326

                                                                Skype: David Shi 

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